Dramatic Improbable Readings for Arisia 2022

Improbable Research organizes a Dramatic Improbable Readings session at Arisia every year — dramatic readings from published research studies that make people laugh, then think. In 2022, The Covid-19 pandemic led Arisia to cancel the 2022 convention. Undaunted, Improbable Research did and video recorded a new Dramatic Improbable Readings session. Marc Abrahams, editor of the […]

What happens at an Improbable Dramatic Readings session

Improbable Dramatic Readings is (or are) one of the kinds of events we’ve invented. Here’s video of the Improbable Dramatic Readings session at Arisia, in January 2019. This particular session included: Dramatic readings from (real) improbable research studies. The dramatic readers: Gary Dryfoos, Sonya Taaffe, Jeremy Bell. Michele Liguori, Geri Sullivan, human spotlight Jim Bredt, […]

Dramatic improbable readings from bizarre research studies, at Arisia on Saturday

This Saturday, Jan 17th at 12:30pm, Improbable Research will hold a special session at Arisia – “New England’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention“. Brave volunteers will emote brief excerpts from published academic studies and patent documents. (Some of those studies and patents won Ig Nobel Prizes). The people reading these studies were nominated (and commented on) by attendees of […]