Readers needed for the Ig Nobel event at Arisia


Calling all Arisia fen: Improbable Research will return to Arisia on Friday night, January 12, 2018 and we’re asking the fen to nominate people to read from some research papers (that we will supply) on stage.

What qualities should the person you nominate have to be a reader at this event:

  • Charismatic stage presence
  • Good speaking voice
  • Able to read clearly and vivaciously into a microphone
  • Not easily rattled when asked strange questions about a strange research paper they themselves have only just skimmed
  • Attending Arisia on Friday Jan 12, 2018

This event will feature brief, dramatic readings from studies and patents that have won an Ig Nobel prize. Shortly before this event begins, we will supply our Readers with a selection of papers and patents to choose between.

One of our dramatic readers at the Ig Nobel event at Arisia 2017
      (photo by D. Kessler)

They choose one, and then find the portions of it they want to read – or present in some other dramatic manner – to the audience.

Each presentation will be 2 minutes long, after which the Reader may (if they wish) entertain questions from the audience. In answering these questions, they may draw from the paper or from their personal experience. They may surmise or deflect, but they must not lie.


If you know someone who should read at this event, then please email us about them (details on the nomination page.

If you would like to know people like this, then head to our nomination page and see who has already been nominated.

We encourage you to nominate convention Attendees, Staff, Vendors, or Other Unexpected People who would do a good job (see the list of qualities, above).

One of our dramatic readers at the Ig Nobel event at Arisia 2017
Do you know someone who should be illuminated by The Human Spotlight? (photo by D. Kessler)