Dramatic Improbable Readings for Arisia 2022

Improbable Research organizes a Dramatic Improbable Readings session at Arisia every year — dramatic readings from published research studies that make people laugh, then think. In 2022, The Covid-19 pandemic led Arisia to cancel the 2022 convention. Undaunted, Improbable Research did and video recorded a new Dramatic Improbable Readings session. Marc Abrahams, editor of the […]

Further dramatic readings from bizarre studies, Friday night

We’ll be doing some more Improbable Dramatic Readings — brief public readings from bizarre — yet genuine — scientific studies, this Friday night, September 26, at Porter Square Books, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, starting at 7:00 pm. The studies — which we will treat as if they are dramatic literature written for actors to perform — […]

Improbable Research After Dark (Cambridge)

Join a big bunch of us late Saturday night for our temptation-filled event at the Cambridge Science Festival: Improbable Research After Dark. SATURDAY NIGHT, May 7, 11:00 pm. Central Square Theater, Cambridge, MA. TICKETS are on sale at the Central Square Theater and online. This will be a benefit for the Catalyst Collaborative@MIT Science Theater […]