Sept 29: Improbable Dramatic Readings at the Cambridge Science Festival

On Friday, September 29, we will be doing TWO (2) shows of Improbable Dramatic Readings as part of the Cambridge Science Festival, organized by the MIT Museum.


Luminaries (of various wattage) will each do brief dramatic readings from seemingly absurd, genuine research studies and patents. Some of those studies and patents have won Ig Nobel Prizes. All of them make people laugh, then think.

The image you see here (with text that begins “The person reading a paper to you…”) explains how this works.

Two Shows, with Different Performers and Material

There will be TWO (2) shows. Both will happen at the MIT Welcome Center, 292 Main Street, Building E38 (next to the Kendall MBTA station and the new MIT Museum), Cambridge MA, USA. Robin Abrahams will emcee both shows. Minordomos Roksi Freeman, Susan Kany, and Marc Abrahams will wrangle.

TICKETS (separate admission for each show) are free, available from the Cambridge Science Festival:

5 PM SHOW  — PERFORMERS: Karen Hopkin / Chris Hopkin / Jenn Bulger James / Gary Dryfoos / Louise Sacco / Dany Adams / Joe Madsen / Martha Eddison / Eric Jung / Bryan Man / Abhi Natarajan / and maybe others

7 PM SHOW — PERFORMERS: Debbie Douglas / Deanna Montgomery / Fatima Husain / Christina Symons /Cadence Payne / Deborah Blum / Sara Dion / and maybe others

Meanwhile, in Italy…

That day, September 29, if you happen to be in Italy rather than Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, come to one of the Ig Nobel events in Perugia, Cagliari, Catania, L’Aquila, Macerata, and Pavia. They all are part of Sharper — European Researchers’ Night)! Ig Nobel Prize winners  Alessio Emanuele Biondo, Alessandro Pluchino, and Andrea Rapisarda will be present at the Catania event. Ig Nobel Prize winner Silvano Gallus will be present at the Pavia event. Marc Abrahams will Zoom in at the Perugia event.