Chemical Effect of Beer Marinades on Charcoal-Grilled Pork

Some chemists, or perhaps many chemists, or perhaps no chemists, may feel obligated to revise their views on certain effects of certain marinades on certain substances, if they read this study: “Effect of Beer Marinades on Formation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Charcoal-Grilled Pork,” Iria Yebra-Pimentel [pictured here], Elena Martínez-Carballo, Jesus Simal-Gandara, and Isabel M. […]

Brandishing a handgun — for science!

Eric Weddle reports, in jconline: When Herbert C. Brown, Purdue University’s first Nobel Prize winner, walked into a hall at Harvard University circa 1960 and laid a handgun on the table, his audience got the point.”There was a joke going around that he should come armed because there was a lot of controversy at the […]