The first public corpus of alcoholized German speech

Collectors of alcoholized German speech, rejoice! A new corpus is available to you: “Alcohol Language Corpus. The first public corpus of alcoholized German speech,” Florian Schiel [pictured here], Christian Heinrich, and Sabine Barfüßer, Language Resources and Evaluation, 2011. The authors, at the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, explain: “The Alcohol Language Corpus (ALC) […]

Study: Alcohol Helps Young People Make Friends

This sociology study explains that alcohol helps young people make friends “Alcohol and the Constitution of Friendship for Young Adults,” Sarah MacLean [pictured here], Sociology, epub January 22, 2015. (Thanks to Trey Deitch for bringing this to our attention.) The author, at the University of Melbourne, reports: “This article examines alcohol as a technology in contemporary young […]

Nutritional value of eating stinkbugs

If you have a hangover, and are tempted to eat a few stinkbugs (Encosternum delegorguei) as a cure, you might be concerned about their nutritional properties. Fortunately, there are a handful of scholarly papers available on the subject. May we recommend : • Nutritional and Medicinal value of the edible stinkbug, Encosternum delegorguei Spinola consumed […]

“Being drunk and high during sex is not associated with condom use”

When one speaks of sex, drunkenness, and condoms, one can phrase one’s words in a manner that is indirect and genteel. Want an example of that? See the title of this study: “Being drunk and high during sex is not associated with condom use behaviours: a study of high-risk young Black males,” Richard A. Crosby [pictured […]

The man who drank enough beer to drown 275 men

This unattributed piece in the Brooklyn Medical Journal (1888) (Volume 1, No. 5, pp. 406-408), reporting on C.A. Crampton’s magisterial USDA report on beer, wine and cider adulterants, contains several odd comparisons. First we learn that Americans’ consumption of beer has risen tremendously since the Van Buren administration, though it still lags that of competitors. […]

PR Headline of the Week: “Heavy Drinking Is Bad for Marriage if One Spouse Drinks, but Not Both”

This week’s Press Release Headline of the Week waves atop a press release issued by the University of Buffalo. It says: Heavy Drinking Is Bad for Marriage if One Spouse Drinks, but Not Both Beneath the banner lies the story of a breakthrough in the difficult academic field called “Addiction Studies”. The lead researcher, Kenneth […]

The Glass is Half Held-Against-You: The imbibing idiot bias

The imbibing idiot bias. That’s what this study is all about. The imbibing idiot bias: “The imbibing idiot bias: Consuming alcohol can be hazardous to your (perceived) intelligence,” Scott I. Rick and Maurice E. Schweitzer, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Volume 23, Issue 2, April 2013, Pages 212–219. (Thanks to investigator Neil Martin for bringing this to […]