Stories that only have six words. A valid category of ‘Narrative Genre’?

Stories that only have six words. Are they truly a ‘Narrative Genre’? David Fishelov, believes that they maybe. He’s a professor of comparative literature. At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. See his essay on the subject. ‘The Poetics of Six-Word Stories’ * (It’s published in Narrative, January 2019.) The professor considers stories from websites. Such […]

Authors: can boozing alleviate writer’s cramp? [study]

“Have you tried taking a stiff drink or two?” might not be a question that a professional writer would expect from their doctor. Unless, that is, they suffered from writer’s cramp, and their doctor had come across a 2012 case report in the journal Internal Medicine – Alcohol-Responsive Writer’s Cramp – in which Sung-Chul Lim, […]

Parker surges with the authorship lead: 1,050,000 and rising

Professor Philip M. Parker [pictured here] has now authored more than 1,050,000 books, according to a report by Caitlan Carroll for the “Marketplace” radio program. This new total should erase most doubts as to whether he is the most prolific author ever. When we reported about Professor Parker in 2008, he was up to only about 85,000 […]

Seeking info about a Zombe

We would be grateful for any biographical info you might supply — specifically about E. Zombe, author of this work: “Dvadtsatipiatitysiachniki,” E. Zombe, Voprosy istorii, 1947, no. 5, p. 19. We have seen it cited in several places, including this reference: UPDATE (November 8): Investigator Filip Graliński says: “Here is the paper:

Kansas v. pancake flatness update

Brandon Vogt [pictured here], co-author of the influential study “Kansas is Flatter Than a Pancake“, is now an assistant professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.   NOTE: The state of Colorado, taken as a whole, is less flat than a pancake.   BONUS: The man who was provoked by pancakes. […]