Do Blondes Get More Funds?

Imagine that you’re female, and that you’re involved in door to door fundraising. Would it be best (purely from a financial returns viewpoint) to be blonde or brunette? Assistant Professor Michael K. Price at the Department of Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville has undertaken an investigation : “This study examines how a cosmetic attribute – […]

Men, Women and Parasites: The Pleasantness of Smelling Urine

Still another finding about cats and “fatal attraction”: “Fatal Attraction Phenomenon in Humans – Cat Odour Attractiveness Increased for Toxoplasma-Infected Men While Decreased for Infected Women,” Jaroslav Flegr [pictured here], Pavlína Lenochová, Zdeněk Hodný, Marta Vondrová, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, no. 5, vol. 11, epub November 8, 2012, e1389. The authors, at Charles University and […]

The Sexy-Valuable Research of Kristina and Vladas

Behold the joint publications of Kristina Durante [Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, University of Texas at San Antonio] and Vladas Griskevicius [Associate Professor, Marketing and Logistics, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota]: “The Fluctuating Female Vote: Politcs, Religion, and the Ovulatory Cycle,” Durante, K. M., Arsena, A. R., & Griskevicius, V. Psychological Science (forthcoming). […]

Smooth bodywork in cars and women

Some have asked questions along the lines of : ‘Is smoothness a semiotic resource in which consumption-oriented superficiality interfaces with ideologically gendered images of women and cars on magazine covers?’  Take for example Dr. Mehita Iqani, who is a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, and who […]

Intoxicated assumptions

Today’s classroom exercise is to [1] read this snippet from a psychology paper, then [2] identify all the assumptions that the authors make about what people think about, then [3] ask yourself if you believe those assumptions. The paper is “What Men Want: The Role of Reflective Opposite-Sex Normative Preferences in Alcohol Use Among College […]

Men, Girlfriends Who Sleep With…

Today’s Headline of the Day is from the Science Daily web site: Men More Likely to Stick With Girlfriends Who Sleep With Other Women Than Other Men The press release describes a paper done by a daughter-and-father team [pictured here, at right]:  “Sex differences in response to imagining a partner’s heterosexual or homosexual affair,” Jaime […]

Komisaruk and the multiple orgasms

Barry Komisaruk, professor of psychology at Rutgers University, is celebrated for research demonstrating that women can have multiple orgasms. He can also be celebrated for his multiple publications about women’s orgasms. These include: Komisaruk, B.R., Beyer-Flores, C., and Whipple, B. (2006) The Science of Orgasm. In press. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 358 pages. […]