Do Blondes Get More Funds?

Imagine that you’re female, and that you’re involved in door to door fundraising. Would it be best (purely from a financial returns viewpoint) to be blonde or brunette? Assistant Professor Michael K. Price at the Department of Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville has undertaken an investigation : “This study examines how a cosmetic attribute – […]

Men, Women and Parasites: The Pleasantness of Smelling Urine

Still another finding about cats and “fatal attraction”: “Fatal Attraction Phenomenon in Humans – Cat Odour Attractiveness Increased for Toxoplasma-Infected Men While Decreased for Infected Women,” Jaroslav Flegr [pictured here], Pavlína Lenochová, Zdeněk Hodný, Marta Vondrová, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, no. 5, vol. 11, epub November 8, 2012, e1389. The authors, at Charles University and […]

The Sexy-Valuable Research of Kristina and Vladas

Behold the joint publications of Kristina Durante [Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, University of Texas at San Antonio] and Vladas Griskevicius [Associate Professor, Marketing and Logistics, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota]: “The Fluctuating Female Vote: Politcs, Religion, and the Ovulatory Cycle,” Durante, K. M., Arsena, A. R., & Griskevicius, V. Psychological Science (forthcoming). […]

Smooth bodywork in cars and women

Some have asked questions along the lines of : ‘Is smoothness a semiotic resource in which consumption-oriented superficiality interfaces with ideologically gendered images of women and cars on magazine covers?’  Take for example Dr. Mehita Iqani, who is a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, and who […]

Intoxicated assumptions

Today’s classroom exercise is to [1] read this snippet from a psychology paper, then [2] identify all the assumptions that the authors make about what people think about, then [3] ask yourself if you believe those assumptions. The paper is “What Men Want: The Role of Reflective Opposite-Sex Normative Preferences in Alcohol Use Among College […]

Men, Girlfriends Who Sleep With…

Today’s Headline of the Day is from the Science Daily web site: Men More Likely to Stick With Girlfriends Who Sleep With Other Women Than Other Men The press release describes a paper done by a daughter-and-father team [pictured here, at right]:  “Sex differences in response to imagining a partner’s heterosexual or homosexual affair,” Jaime […]