Patent application of the day: six God toilet water itching

Today’s Patent Application of the Day is: “Packaging labels (six God toilet water itching)“, Chinese patent application CN301200531 S, filed August 7, 2009. BONUS: The runner-up: “God Forms’ Genres“, US patent application US20110240755 A1, filed May 16, 2011. BONUS: A successful patent: “God First Flag“, US patent USD659588 S1, filed December 5, 2008. The patent document provides this […]

Reinforcing stereotypes: Are men more mechanically adept? [with condoms]

This study stands to reinforce several stereotypes, one of which deals with women’s vs. men’s mechanical abilities: “Condoms are more effective when applied by males: a study of young black males in the United States,” Richard A. Crosby [pictured here], et al., Annals of Epidemiology, vol. 24, 2014, pp 868-70. The authors, at the University […]

Somewhat baffling companion-animal patent apps

These two graphics are from a patent application we find mildly baffling. Titled “METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE BIOLOGICAL AGE OF A COMPANION ANIMAL,” US patent application #12/395,924 was filed on March 2, 2009 to inventors Allan John Lepine [pictured here], Dennis Richard Ditmer, Lori Lee Halsey and John Russell Burr. The description is brief (the […]