Impact of Posing with Cats on Female Perceptions of Male Dateability [research study]

“Not the Cat’s Meow? The Impact of Posing with Cats on Female Perceptions of Male Dateability” [by Lori Kogan and Shelly Volsche, published in Animals, vol. 10, no. 6, June 9, 2020, E1007] is a featured study in “Cats Research: Girls, and Men and Datability“, which is a featured article in the special Women (and Men) issue of […]

Is Facial Hair Biologically-Hazardous When a Pandemic Looms?

As a newly discovered corona virus spreads through an increasingly anxious world, advice is being offered—and sometimes mocked—about the mundane-seeming question of facial hair. The basic safety question was investigated more than fifty years ago—and that investigation was honored ten years ago with an Ig Nobel Prize. Also: Today the Trump administration took a new […]

“Big Men” in leadership roles [new study]

How does body weight and size affect the perceived persuasiveness of ‘leaders’ (when the ‘leader’ is a man) ? This question has recently been examined by three professors from the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, US. Professor Kevin Kniffin and Professor Vicki  Bogan, along with faculty colleague Professor David Just (also now at […]

New ammo in the boys/girls argument about who’s better at what: math and writing

There’s new paper ammunition for all combatants in the eternal anger-and-joy-filled war to explain why more men than women officially keep on studying mathematics. The new paper that provides—that is itself—the ammunition is: “Girls’ Comparative Advantage in Reading Can Largely Explain the Gender Gap in Math-Related Fields,” Thomas Breda and Clotilde Napp, Proceedings of the […]

Wearing High Heels as Female Mating Strategy [research study]

Comes a major advance, possibly, in the understanding of why some women wear high heeled shoes. A new study presents details: “Wearing High Heels as Female Mating Strategy,” Pavol Prokop and Jana Švancárová, Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 152, January 2020, 109558. The authors, at Comenius University and at the Slovak Academy of Science, Slovakia, […]

Continuing the quest for perfect male nipple positions

“Little is known about the perfect NAC [nipple–areola complex] position in men” – explain a research team from the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery, Hannover Medical School, Germany. In order to help pinpoint the perfect position, they first photographed six healthy (shirtless) men  – then, all traces of their actual NAC positions […]

“Lesbians Evolved to Please Men” Theorist Menelaos and the Single Men of Reddit

Menelaos Apostolou, Associate Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Nicosia in the Republic of Cyprus, wondered why so many men on Reddit do not have an intimate partner. Apostolou is also lead author on a recent study that explains that lesbians have evolved to please men. We wrote about that study. That study is called […]