The motorized wheelie bin and other pleasingly contrived transport

A high-speed motorized wheelie bin is just one of the engineered confections in this delightful video. The video was cooked up, apparently, by Anker, Gravity, and the Guinness Book of World Records. (Thanks to Alanna Li for bringing this to our attention.) Motors are not everyone’s bag. People who prefer manually operated equipment can indulge […]

A Grizzly-Bear-Suitably Heroic Obituary of a Modern Don Quixote

Troy Hurtubise meets his destiny in a grand obituary, written by Tom Hawthorn, in the (Toronto) Globe and Mail. Here are some highlights: Troy Hurtubise combined the fevered imagination of a mad scientist with the foolhardy bravery of Evel Knievel in his quest to design a suit impervious to bear attack…. The fanatical mission was […]

Troy’s invention makes human hair grow, and also plants, Troy reports, reportedly

Troy Hurtubise, who won an Ig Nobel Prize in 1998 for devising and personally testing a suit of armor that he hopes will protect him against grizzly bears, has now invented and personally tested a machine that promotes the growth of hair on human heads, and also promotes the growth of plants, Chris Dawson of […]

A fond look back at one of Troy’s many bear-suit adventures

This CTV news report shows Ig Nobel Prize winner Troy Hurtubise, some years ago, testing one of the many increasingly-sophisticated suits of armor he developed to protect himself against grizzly bears. In this report, Troy, wearing the suit, was strapped to the front of an automobile, and the car was then driven head-on into a brick […]

The further future adventures of Troy Hurtubise and a grizzly bear

Troy Hurtubise, who was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize in 1998 in the field of safety engineering — for developing, and personally testing a suit of armor that is impervious to grizzly bears — is again hard at work pursuing a better way to pursue a better meeting with a grizzly bear. The Hamilton Spectator reports: Troy Hurtubise wants Project […]

The recent further adventures of Troy Hurtubise: whacked in the head

In these videos, both from the same event in late 2013, in Nippissing, Ig Nobel Prize winner Troy Hurtubise demonstrates his technology that protects him, to some degree, even when a large man whacks Troy in the head with a baseball bat: Here’s a Nippissing News report about the festive occasion. BONUS (possibly, but not necessarily, unrelated): […]