Troy Hurtubise is upping his game

Troy Hurtubise, whose early fame came from his quest to build a suit of armor that would protect him against grizzly bears — a years-long effort that was documented in the film Project Grizzly, and which led to Troy being awarded the 1998 Ig Nobel Prize in the field of safety engineering, and who has had many subsequent adventures, and who has written adventure-filled books — is upping his game.

Troy’s new announcement:

I am North Bay inventor Troy Hurtubise and I am looking to raise money for a new project. Pandora’s Box is the code name for my latest invention with the goal of harvesting dark matter. All proceeds will go towards the research and development of this project.

In a world where many people think small (and some people hardly think at all), Troy always thinks big.

Troy made a short video to explain his new quest. It begins with Troy’s simple admission: “What I’ve done is something science would never think of”:

Here’s Project Grizzly: