Dr. Light – Dracula & Transylvanian implications investigator

Foresighted though he may have been, when Bram Stoker wrote ‘Dracula’ in 1897 it’s unlikely that he considered the possible (future) impact on the Transylvanian economy and politico-cultural identity. But impact there is. And it’s been quite comprehensively examined by Dr. Light, Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Science & The Environment, Manchester Metropolitan […]

Romanian university students & their Transylvanian fruits

The thorny question of which types of forest fruits are preferred by Romanian university students has been largely resolved. “Students eat a large variety of berries, the most commonly consumed being the raspberries, walnuts, hazelnuts, blackberries, wild strawberries, blueberries, which are the most easy to find in the forests of Transylvania or in the surrounding […]