Dr. Light – Dracula & Transylvanian implications investigator

Foresighted though he may have been, when Bram Stoker wrote ‘Dracula’ in 1897 it’s unlikely that he considered the possible (future) impact on the Transylvanian economy and politico-cultural identity. But impact there is. And it’s been quite comprehensively examined by Dr. Light, Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Science & The Environment, Manchester Metropolitan […]

Tourist maps unfolded in Berlin

Can tourist maps be understood as signs or symbolic representations of an already constituted destination space? No, they cannot, according to Dr. Ignacio Farias, Research Fellow of the Research Unit: Cultural Sources of Newness, Das Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), Germany. Instead , they can be thought of as “…spatial devices playing an active role […]