“It’s [wildcard] Jim, but not as we know it” — The Firm’s lyrics in academic paper titles

Which pop act has inspired the most titles for scholarly academic papers? The Beatles? The Velvet Underground? A Flock of Seagulls? A likely candidate is the 80’s UK band The Firm. Although it’s fair to say that they were never quite as famous as the pop ensembles mentioned above, nonetheless more than a dozen academic authors […]

Short, Amusing, and Not Necessarily Cited

Information shines forth from this study: “Short and amusing: The relationship between title characteristics, downloads, and citations in psychology articles,” Sinisa Subotic and Bhaskar Mukherjee, Journal of Information Science, November 21, 2013. (Thank to investigator Charles Oppenheim for bringing this to our attention.)  The authors, at NGO ‘Persona’, Bosnia and Herzegovina and ‘CEON/CEES’, Serbia and […]

Misinterpretable study title of the week: Eye Extraction

This week’s Misinterpretable Study Title of the Week is … ‘Extraction of Eyes for Facial Expression Identification of Students.’ The paper, in the International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST), 2(7), 3024 – 3029. is authored by Dr. G.Sofia M.C.A,M.Phil.,(Ph.D) and Professor Dr. M.Mohamed Sathik, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.B.A.,  M.Tech., M.S., Ph.D. whom we recently featured […]