“It’s [wildcard] Jim, but not as we know it” — The Firm’s lyrics in academic paper titles

Which pop act has inspired the most titles for scholarly academic papers? The Beatles? The Velvet Underground? A Flock of Seagulls? A likely candidate is the 80’s UK band The Firm. Although it’s fair to say that they were never quite as famous as the pop ensembles mentioned above, nonetheless more than a dozen academic authors […]

The Star Trek Symposium in Malta

Investigator Gwinyai Masukume reminds us about an upcoming (July 10-11, 2014) academic event in Malta. The organizers say: The first Star Trek academic symposium. This is an event that differs from the traditional Fan-Based Convention in that it is a platform for academics from across many disciplines to meet and explore the intersection of humanities and sciences. It will be an academic […]