Infertility in Star Trek

Prof.GrechProfessor Victor Grech MD, PhD (Malta), PhD (Lond.), FRCPCH, MRCP(UK), DCH is Associate Professor of Paediatrics, at the University of Malta. The professor points out, in a paper for The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, that : “In the current ‘publish or perish’ milieu, the generation of original papers is vital.“

(see:How to write a scientific paper‘)

A current project is a dissertation with the English Literature Department of the University of Malta entitled ‘Infertility in Science Fiction’. And, as part of this project he has authored : ‘Infertility in star trek’  in: World Future Review (a journal of strategic foresight), Winter 2012, vol. 4, no. 4, pp. 19-27

“It is fair to say that Star Trek comprises a selfcontained subgenre within science fiction (SF). Over nearly 50 years, through six distinct television series, and eleven feature length films, the “Star Trek universe” envisioned by Gene Roddenberry has become arguably the world’s most elaborate and widely recognized depiction of life in future times (covering roughly the twenty-second through the twenty-ninth centuries). In this article, situations involving infertility occurring in episodes from different Star Trek series are examined and some general conclusions offered concerning the perception of this problem and the variety of responses proposed.”

ALSO SEE: The professor reminds us that there is an upcoming Star Trek Symposium in Malta, 10th-11th July, 2014.

Please note that “This is an academic symposium meeting on Star Trek. Abstracts of proposed oral presentations must contain a scholarly message, preferably dealing with the interface of medicine or science and the humanities.”

BONUS: The professor also paints Maltese landscapes and seascapes – a particularly relaxing pastime. Some of his work can be found at :