Gender in student caving (just saying)

Sophie Hentschel sends forth this message: “I will give a lecture with the title ‘Gender in student caving’, which will summarize my findings from my Master’s research.  I researched a specific phonological feature that is used among student cavers of a particular club and found how its use differs between males and females.” The lecture will be part of Hidden Earth, “the UK’s annual caving conference”, 27-29 September 2013, in Monmouth, South Wales.

Hentschel presented a version of that research in the publication York Underground — The University of York Cave and Pothole Club Journal (2013, issue 3). There she writes:

“For my dissertation on cavers’ language, I interviewed three male and three female cavers, as well as one male and one female non-caver. Each of the eight participants was interviewed by me, and then several group discussions were conducted: female cavers only, male cavers only, female cavers and female non-caver, and male cavers and male non-caver.”

Here are details from Hentschel’s study:



(Thanks to investigator Adrian Smith for bringing this to our attention.)