Nose-Raising, Nose-Lengthening and Grimacing (facial actions study)

Researcher Paul Zeichner (artist, illustrator and educator) adds to the literature regarding the documented lists of human facial actions, with the observation that “Seldom-mentioned facial movements referred to here as nose-lengthening and grimacing should also be recognized in related patterns of expression.” See: Nose-Raising, Nose-Lengthening and Grimacing : Expressions of Arousal, Vigilance, Confusion, Aversion and […]

A Yawn Detector, Networked

The Facial Action Coding System (FACS) as depicted above, was chosen as a reference for the ‘Networked Yawn Detector’ (a car-driver safety-monitor) developed by Zhengrong Yao and Haibo Li of the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, Umeå University, Sweden. “We test our system publicly, 26 students from the Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering Department […]

Adding a Wink to the Facial Actions Coding System

Ekman isolated the wink, you see. In 1976 the Facial Actions Coding System [FACS] was developed by Paul Ekman and colleague Wallace V. Friesen. It featured in their paper for the inaugural issue of Environmental Psychology and Nonverbal Behavior, 1(1), pp. 56-75, which was entitled ‘Measuring Facial Movement’. The Facial Action Code was derived from […]

Misinterpretable study title of the week: Eye Extraction

This week’s Misinterpretable Study Title of the Week is … ‘Extraction of Eyes for Facial Expression Identification of Students.’ The paper, in the International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJEST), 2(7), 3024 – 3029. is authored by Dr. G.Sofia M.C.A,M.Phil.,(Ph.D) and Professor Dr. M.Mohamed Sathik, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.B.A.,  M.Tech., M.S., Ph.D. whom we recently featured […]

Emotional Gauging of Students via Forehead Wrinkle Extraction

It’s not always easy to gauge whether students have understood lesson content (or not). Perhaps an automated measuring system could be devised – measuring their forehead wrinkles for example? At least two scholarly texts are available for those interested in the possibilities offered by forehead wrinkle evaluation in the classroom. The first is provided by […]

Scrutinising the FACS: the Outer Brow Raiser

The Facial Action Coding System (FACS) was first described by Paul Ekman and colleague Wallace V. Friesen in their article entitled Measuring Facial Movement for Environmental Psychology and Nonverbal Behavior 1(1) fall 1976. The authors’ goal “… was to develop a comprehensive system which could distinguish all possible visually distinguishable facial movements.” The system presents […]