Distinguishing Real vs Fake Tiger Penises [law enforcement guide]

This eight-page report is a practical guide for law enforcement officials: “Distinguishing Real vs Fake Tiger Penises,” Bonnie C. Yates, Identification Guides for Wildlife Law Enforcement No. 6., 2005, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory, Ashland, Oregon. (Thanks to Silvan Urfer for bringing this to our attention.) The author reports: […]

Progress in Automatic Giraffe Recognition

The Forsyth / Fleck ‘Human Nude Detector’ system attracted widespread media attention late last century – featuring, for example, in the pages of Wired magazine. (Paper for Reference: Forsyth, D.A. and Fleck, M. M., “Automatic Detection of Human Nudes,” International Journal of Computer Vision , 32 , 1, 63-77, August, 1999). Less well publicised though […]

Statistical: tigers

A single statistic, in isolation, sometimes suggests a misleading part of a larger story. A February 12, 2008 Mongabay report supplies an example. We have highlighted the pertinent passages: 23 tigers were killed to supply parts seen in retail outlets surveyed during 2006 in 28 cities and towns across Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. “This […]