More food-derived medical terminology: Peaches and cream

We continue where we left off in the land of culinary medical metaphors: Humans are known to form organisations which study tissues that weigh only 20 – 30 grams. That’s the average mass of the thyroid gland in an adult which is located in the neck region. Sometimes under activity of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) can […]

The strawberry as an analogy in medicine

Having previously in brief reviewed the use of grape-related medical terms another relatively popular culinary analogy in medicine is the strawberry [pictured left] (Fragaria × ananassa) Various medical conditions have appearances not unlike strawberries: Strawberry cervix (a succint account) – For the ‘hardcore’, an example of the scientific literature on strawberry cervix Strawberry gallbladder (a short account) – Scientific literature on strawberry gallbladder Strawberry […]