The strawberry as an analogy in medicine

Strawberry - Image from Wikimedia Commons

Having previously in brief reviewed the use of grape-related medical terms another relatively popular culinary analogy in medicine is the strawberry [pictured left] (Fragaria × ananassaVarious medical conditions have appearances not unlike strawberries:

Strawberry cervix (a succint account) – For the ‘hardcore’, an example of the scientific literature on strawberry cervix

Strawberry tongue - Image from Wikimedia Commons

Strawberry gallbladder (a short account) – Scientific literature on strawberry gallbladder

Strawberry gums (a pithy account) – Scientific literature on strawberry gums

Strawberry hemangioma (a tumor – a conscise account) – Scientific literature on strawberry hemangioma

Strawberry tongue [pictured right] (a brief account) – Scientific literature on strawberry tongue

BONUS: Strawberry-shaped skull, a marker of severe fetal abnormality (Seymour R, Jones A. Strawberry-shaped skull in fetal thanatophoric dysplasia. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol, 1994;4:434-6.)

BONUS: pink purple-red friable strawberry-like lesions produced by the organism Rhinosporidium seeberi (Kumari R, Laxmisha C, Thappa DM. Disseminated cutaneous rhinosporidiosis. Dermatology Online Journal, 2005 11(1):19.)