Marketing ploys or just timewasting?

Are new words to describe holidays a clever marketing ploy, or a pointless waste of time?

Some examples:
Staycations  : Longer holidays
Weighcations   : Diet holidays
Gaycations  : Gay holidays
Neighcations   : Horse-centric holidays

Professor Brian Hay, Visiting Professor in the School of Arts, Social Sciences & Management at Queen Margaret University, lists these new names – and discusses their relevancy (or otherwise) in his paper: WHAT’S IN A NAME: A REVIEW OF POPULAR NEW WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOLIDAYS – A CLEVER MARKETING PLOY OR A POINTLESS WASTE OF TIME? (in: CAUTHE 2010 20th International Research Conference: ‘Challenge the Limits’ , February 2010, University of Tasmania . [Unpublished])

Readers’ comments suggesting possible new holiday names (which can either be suitable for clever marketing ploys, or a pointless waste of time, or both) are of course welcomed.