Strawberry scrotum, the doctors’ delight

Doctors are, sometimes, fascinated by scrotums and by strawberries. Studying scrotal symmetry – or its lack – yielded an Ig Nobel prize in 2002. As discussed on this blog previously, the strawberry is used extensively as an analogy in medical practice. The scrotum and strawberry have a lot in common, for example, their distinctive skins. The […]

The strawberry as an analogy in medicine

Having previously in brief reviewed the use of grape-related medical terms another relatively popular culinary analogy in medicine is the strawberry [pictured left] (Fragaria × ananassa) Various medical conditions have appearances not unlike strawberries: Strawberry cervix (a succint account) – For the ‘hardcore’, an example of the scientific literature on strawberry cervix Strawberry gallbladder (a short account) – Scientific literature on strawberry gallbladder Strawberry […]