Women talk more than men — at least sometimes, sensor study says

Do women talk more than men? A new study used tiny technology to investigate. Tinier, cheaper, more capable electronics make it possible to sense , record and measure more and more kinds of things. Some sensors are built into conspicuous, please-notice-what-I’m-doing frames — Google Glass is the current great example of that. But tiny sensors can easily […]

Disguising your voice against auto-recognition — various methods

Given the current interest in the implications of automated computer analysis of voice recordings, say for example telephone calls, it’s perhaps not surprising that some might have thought about disguising their voice to (try to) avoid recognition and/or obfuscate the content. But those who work professionally in the voice-recognition field have been investigating such nefarious […]

Giving a talk: should you read it from paper? (phallic ballerina)

When you do a talk for a group of people, should you read the words from a piece (or a stack) of paper? To read and speak, rather than simply speak, risks making the talk feel dull and stilted. Here’s an example of reading from paper. The DanceWorkBook web site offers this description, and full […]

Answering machine talk – under academic scrutiny

• What is ‘Answering Machine Talk’? “Answering machine talk represents a form of mediated conversation in which messages are recorded to facilitate communication between participants.“ • What of the resources? “The talk which occurs in such messages draws upon the pool of available resources for telephone-based communication…” • What of the constraints? “[telephone-based communication] … […]