Towards a Robo-Duck [study]

“The advancement in computer and drone applications is beyond human imagination, affecting and transforming the society, both structurally and socially. Exploitation of computer and drone technology is crucial to humankind in the futuristic world.” – explains the website for the 2017 International Conference on Computer and Drone Applications (IConDA) which was held at the Damai Beach […]

Paper aeroplane ‘aerogami’ drones (paper)

Could “Disposable Folded Cellulose-Substrate Micro-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” – known to some as paper aeroplanes – be used as disposable, biodegradable monitoring-and-surveillance drones? A report presented at the Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation, 3-5 Dec 2012, suggests just that. Researcher Dr. Paul Pounds, at the University of Queensland Australia, explains in his paper : ‘Paper […]

Giving a talk: should you read it from paper? (phallic ballerina)

When you do a talk for a group of people, should you read the words from a piece (or a stack) of paper? To read and speak, rather than simply speak, risks making the talk feel dull and stilted. Here’s an example of reading from paper. The DanceWorkBook web site offers this description, and full […]