Podcast 83: Journeys of Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes journey — somehow, and other — to the depths in humanity, in this week’s Improbable Research podcast. SUBSCRIBE on Play.it, iTunes, or Spotify to get a new episode every week, free. This week, Marc Abrahams discusses medical reports about toothbrushes that mysteriously found their way into people’s stomachs and other deeply secret places. Harvard chemist Daniel Rosenberg gives dramatic readings and opinions: Toothbrush journey #1: “The Swallowing of […]

The medical dilemma posed by a Mobile Phone in the Stomach

When a mobile telephone lodges in a person’s stomach, it can cease to be quite so mobile. A new medical paper offers proof of that: “An Ingested Mobile Phone in the Stomach May Not Be Amenable to Safe Endoscopic Removal Using Current Therapeutic Devices: A Case Report,” Obinna Obinwa, David Cooper, and James M. O’Riordan, International Journal of […]

Resurrecting an extinct, odd frog, using an Ig Nobel winner’s discovery

Ed Yong reports on Mike Archer‘s ambitious project to resurrect — so to speak — an unusual species of frog that went extinct not long ago. The frog’s oddity was researched, and reported in 1981, by Mike Tyler, who later was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize for studying and cataloguing odd smells produced by different frogs. Detail […]