Comedy movies and risky stock trading – linked?

Attention stock-market followers – have you considered whether weekend comedy-movie attendance, and investment in risky stock-market assets on the following Monday might be linked? This question has been the subject of an in-depth investigation by Gabriele M. Lepori, (formerly) Assistant Professor of Finance at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (now at Keele Management School, UK). His […]

Long-term results: Should You Trade Stocks Randomly?

The Ig Nobel Prize-winning Italian researchers who demonstrated the benefits, for organizations, of promoting people at random have turned their analytical weapons on a new target. Their new study examines what happens over the long term if one randomly, rather than systematically, chooses stocks: “Are random trading strategies more successful than technical ones?” A.E. Biondo, […]

Effect of Wind on Stock Market Returns

“Effect of Wind on Stock Market Returns: Evidence from European Markets,” Hui-Chu Shu and Mao-Wei Hung, Applied Financial Economics, vol. 19, no. 11, 2009, pp. 893–904, DOI 0.1080/09603100802243766. (Thanks to Kajbaje Sudhanshu for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at National Taiwan University, report [AIR 16:1]: This study investigated the relationship between wind speed […]

“in a brain scanner… stocks & bonds”

This week’s Phrase of the Week is: “participants were placed in a brain scanner while they chose stocks and bonds“. The phrase appears in a Feb 1, 2010 Carolyn Johnson article in the Boston Globe. The article describes the study “Variability in Nucleus Accumbens Activity Mediates Age-Related Suboptimal Financial Risk Taking,” Gregory R. Samanez-Larkin, Camelia […]

Blood, Fingers, and Genes

Researchers are delving into the blood, fingers, and genes of financial traders. Here are some of the studies that may give us insights into the success or failure of the traders, and of the researchers who study the financiers’ digits and chemical composition. Here, too, are a few earlier studies that probe the mysteries of […]