Clear Safety Signs: E Germany wins versus W Germany

Safety signs are one area in which, according to this study, East Germany ultimately triumphed over West Germany: “Should I Stay or Should I Go – Cognitive Conflict in Multi-Attribute Signals Probed with East and West German ‘Ampelmännchen’ Traffic Signs,” Claudia Peschke, Bettina Olk [pictured here], Claus C. Hilgetag, PLoS ONE 8(5), May 24, 2013, […]

Signs in London, part 2

Some business signs in London (of which more can be found in part 1), these from Ballou’s Monthly Magazine, June 1861: A stranger is surprised in London by some of the signs, which have been handed down for generations, which are used to distinguish particular places of business. Many of them are perfectly unmeaning, but […]

Signs in London, part 1

Some business signs in London, from Western Druggist magazine, March 1887: I must give you a few selections from my note book of some of the business signs in London that struck me as curious. Several signs of artists draping the real figure, otherwise tailors, were noticed; then again another was ;’A professed trousers maker”; […]