Who Might You Meet at the Ig? London’s Pioneering Theatrical Electrician

If you come to the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, you might enjoy chatting with your neighbors, in the audience. Many have done amazing things. In this video, Ann Crighton-Harris tells how she became the first woman to be a professional electrician in London’s theaters. Perhaps you sat near Ann Crighton-Harris in the audience at the […]

London’s top-secret BT Tower revealed (23 years ago today)

On this day, Friday 19th February 1993, Ms. Kate Hoey (member of parliament for Vauxhall, London) used ‘Parliamentary Privilege‘ (which provides immunity from prosecution under the Official Secrets Act) to reveal the existence of a previously secret high-tech installation in central London. “Hon. Members have given examples of seemingly trivial information that remains officially secret. […]

Ig Nobel Prize winner Chris Frith lecturing at Harvard this week

The long-named Harvard Mind/Brain/Body Interfaculty Initiative announces: MBB 2013 Distinguished Lecture Series Uta Frith and Chris Frith (University College London) Uta Frith – Autism: The First Fifty Years Wednesday, April 24th, 5:15 p.m., Science Center Hall D Chris Frith – How the Brain Creates Culture Thursday, April 25th, 5 p.m., Science Center Hall D BACKGROUND: Chris Frith, […]

The growths and declines of facial hair on Londoners

Not being a barber, and not having had an adulthood that spanned 130 years, Dwight E Robinson was in no position to report firsthand the frequency of changes in relative prevalence of sideburns, moustaches and beards in London during the years 1842-1972. He used an indirect source: issues of the Illustrated London News published during that time. […]