Who Might You Meet at the Ig? London’s Pioneering Theatrical Electrician

If you come to the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, you might enjoy chatting with your neighbors, in the audience. Many have done amazing things. In this video, Ann Crighton-Harris tells how she became the first woman to be a professional electrician in London’s theaters. Perhaps you sat near Ann Crighton-Harris in the audience at the […]

Booing research

Hugh (Dr. House) Laurie, appearing on The Graham Norton Show (Series 9 Episode 4) explains that in Germany, the word (or sound) for ‘Boooo’ is, instead  ‘Ooooh’. [from 1:00 onwards] The incident is backed up by academic research : “Until the nineteenth-century, there is no evidence of booing: hissing and whistling are generally preferred. Booing […]