When a neuroscientist uses the term “firing”…

What does a neuroscientist mean when he or she uses the term “firing?” In October 2013 Peter N Steinmetz, director of the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, published this study: “Testing for effects of different stimuli on neuronal firing relative to background activity,” Peter N Steinmetz and Chris Thorp, Journal of Neural Engineering, vol. 10, no. 5, October […]

One-breast enlargement from German military rifle chest-slapping

The rhythmic impact of a rifle wielded by a military man can puff up his chest. This sometimes leads to worry, or worse. Though soldiers might appreciate a good pair of breasts, what would happen if they themselves grew a pair? Or if they grew just one? Some men do experience this affront. A study called Gynecomastia […]

German Military Chest-Slapping with Rifles Leads to One Big Breast

German soldiers who regularly and thoroughly perform drills with rifles are at risk of developing one big breast, warns this medical study. The danger arises specifically from “mechanical impact of the carbine against the left side of the body during rifle drills”. The study is: “Gynecomastia in German Soldiers: Etiology and Pathology [Gynäkomastie bei Soldaten […]