Nosy inquiry to members of a non-criminal student sample

This is possibly not the only study that focuses on a non-criminal student sample. It is one of the few that relies on both the Iowa Gambling Task and Sniffin’ Sticks: “The Relationship Between Psychopathy and Olfactory Tasks Sensitive to Orbitofrontal Cortex Function in a Non-criminal Student Sample,” Travis M. Bettison, Mehmet K. Mahmut, Richard J. Stevenson, Chemosensory Perception, […]

Prof understands psychopaths, morality

Professor Marc Hauser of Harvard University, author of a range of articles, is now accused of research misconduct. Among his publications (these specific articles are not being criticized, that we know of): “Is Morality Natural?“, Newsweek, September 22, 2008. “Psychopaths know right from wrong but don’t care,” Social Cognitive and Affected Neuroscience, published online: January […]