Vacuum Cleaning and Pregnancy in Houses

A rare study about vacuum-cleaning, pregnancy, and microbes, in houses: “Potential association of vacuum cleaning frequency with an altered gut microbiota in pregnant women and their 2-year-old children,” Ekaterina Avershina, Anuradha Ravi, Ola Storrø, Torbjørn Øien, Roar Johnsen and Knut Rudi, Microbiome, vol. 3, no. 65, December 21, 2015. (Thanks to Rom Gavitz for bringing […]

One Should Not Taser a Pregnant Police Officer or a a Methamphetamine-intoxicated sheep?

It has been suggested that someone, somewhere might question the assumption that it’s an excellent idea to taser a pregnant police officer,and that someone—perhaps someone else—might question the assumption that it’s an excellent idea to taser a methamphetamine-intoxicated sheep. These two studies investigate those possibly related questions: “The Pregnant Officer,” Fabrice Czarnecki [pictured here], Clinics In Occupational and Environmental Medicine, vol. […]