One Should Not Taser a Pregnant Police Officer or a a Methamphetamine-intoxicated sheep?

It has been suggested that someone, somewhere might question the assumption that it’s an excellent idea to taser a pregnant police officer,and that someone—perhaps someone else—might question the assumption that it’s an excellent idea to taser a methamphetamine-intoxicated sheep. These two studies investigate those possibly related questions: “The Pregnant Officer,” Fabrice Czarnecki [pictured here], Clinics In Occupational and Environmental Medicine, vol. […]

Cutting Off the Nose to Save the Penis

A provocative study, from the American midwest, about safety: “Cutting Off the Nose to Save the Penis,” Steven M. Schrader, Michael J. Breitenstein, and Brian D. Lowe, Journal of Sexual Medicine, vol. 5, no. 8, 2008, pp. 1932–40. The authors, at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Cincinnati, Ohio, report [AIR 15:5]: “The […]

Cow-cuddling by cops, in Amsterdam, sociologically

“During stress therapy workshops, Amsterdam police officers are assigned to paint a portrait of, then cuddle with, a cow,” says the caption to this photo. A November 1, 2006 article in Mother Jones tells some of the background. The Sociological Images web site features the photo itself: (Thanks to investigator G. Jules Reynolds for bringing this […]