Looking at Tyrells potato crisp packets (image ecology study)

  Within the academic field of aesthetics, there aren’t all that many essays written   on   about potato crisp packets. There is, however, at least one. Karin Wagner, who is professor and associate head of department for research in art history and visual studies at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, specialises in the areas […]

Ballistic Potatoes – the Dangers

“All over the world, mostly adolescent boys enjoy building and firing […] combustion-powered guns launching chunks of potatoes into the environment.” “Although potato cannons are an area of great interest among internet users, they are almost completely unknown in the medical community.” At least they were – until details of the experimental work by Matthias […]

The clergyman and the tuber

Vicar went to hospital with potato stuck in bottom That’s the headline in a October 31, 2008 report in The Telegraph, which goes on to explain that “A vicar attended hospital with a potato stuck up his bottom – and claimed it got there after he fell on to the vegetable while naked…. The clergyman, […]