Tiffany Love’s Monetary Incentives Guide to “the Love Molecule”

Love, money, and a lovably-nicknamed molecule are all in the mix — hey, they ARE the mix — in this newly published study: “Oxytocin modulates hemodynamic responses to monetary incentives in humans,” Brian J. Mickey, Joseph Heffernan, Curtis Heisel, Marta Peciña, David T. Hsu, Jon-Kar Zubieta, Tiffany M. Love [pictured here], Psychopharmacology, epub 2016. The […]

“Gay bomb” research facility urges caution about “love hormone”

The laboratory facility that long ago won honors for doing research and development on the so-called “gay bomb” is casting a skeptical eye at widespread claims about oxytocin, a substance some people call “the love hormone”. The Neuroskeptic blog reports: A new study offers two reasons to be cautious about some of the claims made for the role of […]