Advanced brain research using Neo-Nazis and a cup

Research about the brain tries to measure — and interpret — ever-more-complex kinds of phenomena. Dr. Aziz-Zadeh tells, in a recorded talk for Academic Minute, about an advanced investigation: …looking at the brain activity of Jewish individuals while they watched videos of Anti-Semetic Neo-Nazis performing simple actions, like reaching for a cup. BONUS: the 2012 Ig Nobel […]

An inside, moving look at beatboxing body parts

MRI, a tool used to make images of all sorts of body parts (and sometimes, video of the motions thereof) has been used to look at beatboxing: “Para-Linguistic Mechanisms of Production in Human ‘Beatboxing’: a Real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study“, Michael I. Proctor, Shrikanth Narayanan [pictured here], and Krishna Nayak, In Interdisciplinary Workshop on Singing […]

Kids’ brain response to ice cream and a milkshake

How does part of the brain respond when you stuff kids with ice cream over a long period of time and then offer them an ice-cream-filled milkshake? This is the first study to involve a scientist named Burger who investigates that question in the particular way that this study goes about it (Thanks to investigator Gus […]

Working Memory Across Nostrils

This week’s memorable cross-nostrils study of the week is: “Working Memory Across Nostrils,” Yaara Yeshurun, Yadin Dudai, and Noam Sobel, Behavioral Neuroscience, vol.122, 2008, pp.1031-1037. BONUS: Sobel did the blindfolded-humans-follow-a-chocolate-small-trail experiment pictured here]. He is also the inventor of the nose-controlled electric wheelchair. BONUS: Yudai performed the snakes-in-an-MRI experiment.

Snakes in an MRI machine

Snakes and MRI machines figure together in several scientific studies. Here are two of them: “Contour extraction from cardiac MRI studies using snakes,” S. Ranganath, IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 1995;14(2):328-38. and “Fear Thou Not: Activity of Frontal and Temporal Circuits in Moments of Real-Life Courage,” Uri Nili, Hagar Goldberg, Abraham Weizman and Yadin Dudai, Neuron, […]