Three million looks at sex-in-an-MRI video

Medical students and other interested persons have now made more than three million (3,000,000) examinations of the historic, Ig Nobel Prize-winning, first-ever MRI video of human sexual organs performing their traditional role.

The 2000 Ig Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to Willibrord Weijmar SchultzPek van Andel, and Eduard Mooyaart of Groningen, The Netherlands, and Ida Sabelis of Amsterdam, for their illuminating report, “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Male and Female Genitals During Coitus and Female Sexual Arousal.” [Published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), vol. 319, 1999, pp. 1596-1600.] The video was kept secret for several years, then had its public debut as part of an Ig Nobel tour of the UK (for the UK’s National Science Week). Here’s the video:

BONUS FACT: We are told that that article in the BMJ is, by a large margin, the most viewed article on the entire BMJ web site. And has been for a very long time.

Here’s a Dutch documentary about the people in the MRI experiment: