Pek on Sex in London at The Curious World of Radiology on July 14

Pek van AndelOn July 14th, 2015, BIR – the British Institute of Radiology – presents a special program, titled ‘The Curious World of Radiology’:

An evening intended to astonish and amaze, this interesting selection of talks will appeal to your curious nature and take you into an undiscovered world of radiology. Encompassing art, history, and scientific research, the evening will feature three high-class speakers who look forward to sharing their in-depth knowledge and experience with you, on topics only they know about.

One of the selected speakers is the 2001 Ig Nobel medicine prizewinner Pek van Andel, who will, in detail, explain – and possibly demonstrate – his Ig winning paper “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Male and Female Genitals During Coitus and Female Sexual Arousal.” [Published in the British Medical Journal, vol. 319, 1999, pp 1596-1600.]

To attend this curious event in Darwin House, London, UK, register here.

BONUS: 2 million looks at sex in an MRI tube. The count has now risen above four million. Here’s the video of what Pek wrought: