Derridian deconstruction of the Futterwacken Dance [new study]

Itsnaini Lailiyah Ananda of Airlangga University, Surabaya, East Java, presents (what is believed to be) the first Deconstruction of scene of Futterwacken Dance in Alice in Wonderland movie by Tim Burton in the latest issue of the university’s arts journal Terob, Vol XI, Apr. 2019. “Derridian structure of thinking explain the latent meaning behind non-empty texts […]

Does leg length play a determinative role for success in ballet? [research study]

A unique 2009 research project quantified (for the first time) the changes in elevation angles of ballet dancers’ legs between 1946 and 2004. Now a new study has examined (again for the first time) leg-length in relation to selected ballet performance indicators. “The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationships between leg […]

Multifunction baby carrier exercise device (new patent)

“The care of a newborn baby is virtually a 24 hour a day job, leaving very little time for new parents to engage in traditional exercise. The lack of exercise runs contrary to traditional and prevailing medical opinions.” Fortunately, inventor Scott Krass of San Diego, California, has invented (and just received a US patent for) […]

Winds overpower ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ competition

This year’s Dance Your Ph.D competition produced a winner: Uma Nagendra (pictured here) of the University of Georgia, USA, for her dance about some effects of winds on plants: [vimeo]107412178[/vimeo] John Bohannon, who founded and runs the competition, provides details about all the high finishers, in Science magazine. The list of runners-up, with links to each of those videos, appears […]