Instrumental Maladies (part 4: Violins)

A final (but by no means complete) roundup of the work-related instrument-specific health-risks that professional musicians may encounter during their career … Part 4 : Violins • Violin chin rest eczema due to east-indian rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia ROXB). • Chin rest allergy in a violinist • Allergic contact dermatitis on a violinist’s neck from para-phenylenediamine […]

Instrumental Maladies (part 3: Trumpets)

Another (partial) look at the health dangers to which musicians selflessly submit themselves – for our entertainment, edification and amusement … Part 3 : Trumpets • Cheilitis due to nickel contact allergy in a trumpet player. • Bilateral laryngoceles in a young trumpet player: case report. • Transient ischemic attacks caused by trumpet playing. • […]

Instrumental Maladies (part 2: Guitars)

Continuing Improbable’s partial listing of the work-related diseases which professional musicians might encounter … Part 2 : Guitars • Habit tic deformity secondary to guitar playing. • Incomplete anterior interosseous nerve syndrome in a guitar player • Contact dermatitis in guitar players • Occupational acroosteolysis in a guitar player • Guitar player acro-osteolysis • Selective […]