Why Lawyers Are Nice (or Nasty)

Which might be the best strategies for lawyers to maximize success – should they be honest or dishonest (and/or aggressive or passive) ? Researchers Giovanni Sartor, EUI – Florence [pictured] Michel Rudnianski, CNAM/ORT – Paris, Antonino Rotolo, CIRSFID – Bologna, Régis Riveret, University of Aberdeen, and Eunate Mayor, EUI – Florence, offer solutions in their […]

Footnoted in Passing

Of the Reticence of Rats The sixteenth-century French lawyer Bartholomew Chassannée made his name defending rats accused of eating grain. When the rats were summoned to appear in court but never showed up, he invoked the right exercised by human beings to refuse to obey a summons to a place where they are in danger. […]