Grow Hair with Electricity on Rats and Nude Mice

Hair growth was electrically prodded into happening in/on rats and in/on nude mice, using a clever gizmo, says a new study. The news potentially raises excitement about growing hair akin to the excitement about disease treatment raised by numerous reports of cancer being cured in mice. The new study is: “Self-Activated Electrical Stimulation for Effective […]

The seasonal pulsing in size of skulls and penises

The gentle pulsing in size of body parts is one of Nature’s seasonal wonders. Evidence of this — with skulls and penises, respectively — is documented in two (well, three) studies published this year. Some Weasel Skulls Pulse Bigger and Smaller, Seasonally “Growth overshoot and seasonal size changes in the skulls of two weasel species,” […]

Troy’s invention makes human hair grow, and also plants, Troy reports, reportedly

Troy Hurtubise, who won an Ig Nobel Prize in 1998 for devising and personally testing a suit of armor that he hopes will protect him against grizzly bears, has now invented and personally tested a machine that promotes the growth of hair on human heads, and also promotes the growth of plants, Chris Dawson of […]

Creepy from Crawley? Study: Economic Growth Fueled by Male Sex Drive

Massive economic growth comes, in large part, from men’s competition to sexually attract women, sort of, suggests this study: “Sexual selection, conspicuous consumption and economic growth,” Jason Collins, Boris Baer, Ernst Juerg Weber [pictured here], Journal of Bioeconomics, epub May 19, 2015. The authors at the Business School, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia, and at […]

Viagra Induces Fractal Growth in Mushrooms in Switzerland

“Viagra Induces Fractal Growth in Mushrooms in Switzerland“, by Gabriele Losa [pictured here], appears in the special Cloning & Evolution issue of the Annals of Improbable Research. (The article is also online.) It begins: This study investigates the effect of Sildenafil (a synthetic drug that is known to much of the public as “Viagra“) on the growth […]