Ig Nobel-winning research could, maybe, save McDonald’s from ‘Minions’ lawsuits

The Associated Press reports: McDonald’s receives complaints about ‘Minions’ toys using curse words by Marley Jay, The Associated Press Published Friday, July 10, 2015 NEW YORK — McDonald’s swears up and down that the little yellow “Minions” Happy Meal toy is speaking only nonsense words and not something a little more adult. Experts say the […]

“Jesus the Strategic Leader” author rises again

Major General Gregg F. Martin, author of  the classic military guide “Jesus the Strategic Leader”, has yet again risen up the ranks. General Martin [pictured here] is now commandant of the U.S. Army War College, having been promoted to that post some months ago. We have only just now learned of it (thanks to investigator […]

Jesus’s IQ, calculated by Bob

A calculated research breakthrough (his calculations are online) from Dr. Bob Benchoff: “Jesus Christ’s IQ is 300 within this author’s ability to reasonably measure, although Jesus Christ’s IQ may be as high as 450.” (Thanks to investigator Marlin Jacoby for bringing this to our attention.) BONUS: Dr. Benchoff also offers you (1) a new technological […]

Jesus in a lung

Images from a thoracic spine examination by Christopher Vittore and Kevin Tribble, radiologists in Rockford, Ilinois and clinical assistant professors at University of Illinois College of Medicine. MRI technologist, Deb Savala assisted with the technical data. This was performed on an open MRI machine, a General Electric Signa 0.35 Tesla MRI scanner. (Details: 40 x […]