Puppet Master: Possible Influence of Parasite Toxoplasma gondii on Managers and Employees

Is your boss easily distracted? Impulsive? With a diminishing IQ? It’s possible the he/she might be hosting the mind-altering parasite Toxoplasma gondii. Attention is drawn to this possibility in the latest online issue of the journal Academy of Management Perspectives. An investigation by Petr Houdek, [pictured right] who is a director at the CEBEX experimental […]

‘Functional Stupidity’ – updated (new study)

Back in 2013, Improbable reported on the emergence of a new organisational concept – ‘Functional Stupidity’, see  ‘A Stupidity-Based Theory of Organizations’. Now, the idea of ‘Functional Stupidity’ has been refined by Roland Paulsen, who is a researcher at the Department of Business Administration, Lund University, Sweden. “I distinguish 10 ‘stupidity rationales’ emanating from reflective types […]

Jesus’s IQ, calculated by Bob

A calculated research breakthrough (his calculations are online) from Dr. Bob Benchoff: “Jesus Christ’s IQ is 300 within this author’s ability to reasonably measure, although Jesus Christ’s IQ may be as high as 450.” (Thanks to investigator Marlin Jacoby for bringing this to our attention.) BONUS: Dr. Benchoff also offers you (1) a new technological […]