Nutritional value of eating stinkbugs

If you have a hangover, and are tempted to eat a few stinkbugs (Encosternum delegorguei) as a cure, you might be concerned about their nutritional properties. Fortunately, there are a handful of scholarly papers available on the subject. May we recommend : • Nutritional and Medicinal value of the edible stinkbug, Encosternum delegorguei Spinola consumed […]

When mailing spiders, caterpillars, or cockroaches

QUESTION: When you mail live creatures, insects and invertebrates (including bees, caterpillars, cockroaches, crickets, destroyers of noxious pests, earthworms, fish fry and eggs, leeches and other parasites, lugworms, maggots, mealworms, pupae and chrysalides, rag worms, silkworms, spiders and stick insects) in the UK, must you box and package them? The answer lies on page 26 of the Royal Mail‘s […]

Anyone for fried lice?

As many a mainstream media outlet has noted, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has recently released a 200 page book which lays out the case for encouraging entomophagy – especially amongst somewhat resistant Westerners. ‘Edible insects : Future prospects for food and feed security’. Unfortunately for those inspired to investigate […]

Insects in Rock and Roll Cover Art

Professor Joseph R. Coelho (Biology Program, Quincy University, Quincy, Illinois) has written about more than just “Noninsect Arthropods in Popular Music“. He has compiled information about insects depicted in the packaging of that music. Investigator Jim Cowdery alerts us to Coelho’s study: “Insects in Rock and Roll Cover Art,” Joseph R. Coelho, American Entomologist, vol. 50, no. […]

Dr. Martens’ Extermination Machine

Dr. Andy Martens,  of the psychology dept. at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and colleagues from the University of Arizona, US, have devised an Extermination Machine [pictured at right]. The machine was designed to experimentally investigate a bug-killing paradigm – in order to provide clues towards answering the  the question ‘Might killing something (in […]

How certain stock traders resemble certain insects

“Day traders tend to coordinate their behaviour in the same way that cicadas synchronise their chirping,” reports the Physics arXiv blog. The discovery is explained in detail in the study:  “Synchronicity, Instant Messaging And Performance Among Financial Traders,” Serguei Saavedra, Kathleen Hagerty and Brian Uzzi. The authors are atNorthwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA. They say: “racing to […]

Bugged by buggy bug IDs

Alex Wild writes in his Compound Eye blog: Why are media insects misidentified? That’s not a bee…. How does a fly end up advertising a book whose target audience, not to mention the mortified authors, will instantly recognize as a mistake? Publishers, photo editors, and stock agencies—those entities that purchase from image creators—trust photographers to correctly […]

Dutch bug-splatter-on-cars count

This graph shows seven days of bug-splat data. The bugs splatted onto the license plates of automobiles traveling in The Netherlands. The graph is color-coded to show approximate time-of-day when the splatting happened. It’s part of the Wageningen-University-based SplashTeller project. BONUS: Mark Hostetler was awarded the 1997 Ig Nobel Prize in entomology for his scholarly book, […]