The Dunning-Kruger Effect and the vast evo-bio expertariat

The PressTurk web site discusses (in Turkish) how the Ig Nobel Prize-winning Dunning-Kruger Effect helps explain why there are so very, very many people who think they are experts on the subject of evolutionary biology. Here’s part of the discussion, auto-translated into English: Resulting from ignorance Courage Darwin, I have noticed it in the 19th […]

Organizational ignorance (Towards a managerial perspective on the unknown)

Those interested in the management of organisations may already be aware that the concept of ‘Ignorance Management’ has its own page at Wikipedia. A definition was first provided in 2012 by John Israilidis Antoniou and colleagues at Loughborough University, UK.    [source] “Ignorance Management is a process of discovering, exploring, realising, recognising and managing ignorance […]

Ignorance, risk, expertise, whatever

Ignorance, risk, rationality, expertise—this treatise has it all, plus food: “Institutionalized ignorance as a precondition for rational risk expertise,” Henrik Merkelsen [pictured here], Risk Analysis, 2011 Jul;31(7):1083-94. The author, at Copenhagen Business School, explains: “The present case study seeks to explain the conditions for experts’ rational risk perception by analyzing the institutional contexts that constitute […]