Ignorance, risk, expertise, whatever

Ignorance, risk, rationality, expertise—this treatise has it all, plus food:

Institutionalized ignorance as a precondition for rational risk expertise,” Henrik Merkelsen [pictured here], Risk Analysis, 2011 Jul;31(7):1083-94. The author, at Copenhagen Business School, explains:

“The present case study seeks to explain the conditions for experts’ rational risk perception by analyzing the institutional contexts that constitute a field of food safety expertise in Denmark… The article emphasizes the role of knowledge, responsibility, loyalty, and trust as risk-attenuation factors and concludes by suggesting that the preconditions for the expert’s rationality may rather be a lack of risk-specific knowledge due to poor risk reporting than a superior level of risk knowledge.”

BONUS (possibly unrelated): Another example of institutionalized ignorance — Politics at its most automatic, in a nutshell:  “I don’t know what the PM said, but I agree”. Video: