Coffee: Healthful or harmful? An emphatic maybe

Here’s a new answer to the much-researched, much-debated question about whether drinking coffee helps boosts people’s health or harms them. The answer appears in a newly published paper: “Is it dangerous or beneficial to drink coffee? Reflections on a meta-analysis on risk at birth and a population study on risk in late life,” Ingmar Skoog, European […]

Medical effects of coffee: Two new insights

Does it matter, medically, whether you drink coffee or not? Here are two further insights into this life-or-death question: “Coffee consumption and hip fracture risk: a meta-analysis,” X.L. Li and J.H. Xu, Journal of Nutritional Science, 2013 Jul 24;2:e23. The authors, at the Medical College of Soochow University, China, report: “Although our meta-analysis has provided insufficient […]

Complex Medical Insights: “Indoor Air Pollution, Nighttime Heart Rate Variability and Coffee Consumption among Convenient Store Workers”

Medical researchers, seeking insight, sometimes try to make simple sense of complex, difficult conglomerations of things that may or may not have effects on each other and on many other things. Sometimes coffee is involved, as is the case here: “Indoor Air Pollution, Nighttime Heart Rate Variability and Coffee Consumption among Convenient Store Workers,” Kai-Jen […]

Somewhat baffling companion-animal patent apps

These two graphics are from a patent application we find mildly baffling. Titled “METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE BIOLOGICAL AGE OF A COMPANION ANIMAL,” US patent application #12/395,924 was filed on March 2, 2009 to inventors Allan John Lepine [pictured here], Dennis Richard Ditmer, Lori Lee Halsey and John Russell Burr. The description is brief (the […]

Reproductive effects of wearing a kilt [Scottish Medical Journal]

Men of Scotland, there are facts for you to ponder, in this new medical study: “‘Real men wear kilts’. The anecdotal evidence that wearing a Scottish kilt has influence on reproductive potential: how much is true?” Erwin J.O. Kompanje [possibly pictured here], Scottish Medical Journal, vol. 58, no 1, February 2013, e1–e5. The author writes: […]

The Assessed Un-idealness of Italian cardiologists

A new look at the habits and health prospects of some of the planet’s most glamorous medicos: “Cardiovascular Risk Profile and Lifestyle Habits in a Cohort of Italian Cardiologists (from the SOCRATES Survey),” Pier Luigi Temporelli, Giovanni Zito, Pompilio Faggiano, and the SOCRATES Investigators, American Journal of Cardiology, epub April 12, 2013.  The authors, at […]